Over the last ten years Backyard Harvest has registered over 500 residential fruit trees, berry patches and grape vines in towns across the Palouse and LC Valley. With the help of a small, but dedicated, staff and lots of volunteers we have managed to glean over 50,000 lbs of fresh cherries, apricots, plums, apples and pears and deliver them to 20 area food pantries and meal programs.

So, if you have a fruit tree that is mostly feeding the birds, or would just like to share the bounty of your berry patch please take the following steps:

—Register your tree, berry patch or grape arbor through our online Tree Registration. Or you can call 208.669.2259 or send an email to info@backyardharvest.org

—Please provide the following information:

          Name, address, phone, e-mail
          Number and type of trees, berry patches and/or grape arbors
          Time of year the fruit generally ripens (i.e. late September)

—A couple of weeks before your fruit usually ripens, we will contact you to schedule a time to come out and harvest. (If your fruit is ready to pick sooner, please do not hesitate to call and pester us!)

—Our staff and volunteers will arrive at the scheduled time with their own equipment. Everyone will sign a waiver releasing you, the landowner, from any liability. We will also weigh all the fruit harvested and provide you with a donation receipt for tax purposes. Please note that with cherries, apricots and plums we can generally reach 12" to 14" up into the tree. With apples and pears we can reach higher fruit with the aid of a pole picker.

—We would be happy to pick and leave a portion of the harvest for you and your neighbors. We will also clean up fallen fruit on the ground if time permits.